About Us

Resistancebands4you is an online store providing a wide variety of resistance bands used for strength training and physical therapy, sports, yoga, fitness, muscle training and other purposes. We have at ResistanceBands4you are passionate for boosting your health and body.

Our goal is to “promote your health potential” through enhancing good health, fitness, and strength by providing wide-range of resistance bands. We are focused on providing strength and performance products for all settings which are of high quality, pocket-friendly and most important variety. The resistance bands are easy to use and therefore do not require lot guidance.

We are devoted to supplying the safest and outstanding designed fitness products available anywhere. We do not take for granted the significance of fitness tool in assisting you to look and feeling your best. It is good to believe in it and use it comfortably as it forms part of your life. We are geared towards individualized need whereby we offer the different product to meet the demand of each client.

We provide a detailed guide and measurement on all products in various categories one chooses and including the usage details. Through the provision of measurement, we ensure you buy a particular product that fits your need, thus avoiding getting an undesired product. Our products are displayed clearly with lively photos thus providing you with the best experience when checking the product or products to choose.

Our products are recognized by fitness and sports industries and also, in a medical field. We are evolving with changing technology and as per the demand of our customers. We have personal touch through the provision of resistance bands that fit with your need either you are a beginner or an expert. The customers guide us on product need and we are focused on the broad and adequate list to select from. We deliver our products quickly or as per customer request.

we offer subsidized products which are guided by the product you select. We have a variety of products for young people to the old which that are tailor made to fit their demand. We are always happy to get your feedback or inquire through the contact options we have on our site. We have designed our services to the customer in which it is easy to navigate through the products easily and make your selection.

Through offering a variety of resistance bands, we promote injury rehabilitation and exercise; we build self-confidence, enhance independence, make a determination and improve peace of mind. Since we understand and believe that a healthy lifestyle comes from your ability to perform what you want such as running, playing football or dancing, We are in the front line to give a wider selection of the products.

Our help is guaranteed to assist you to make the next step in promoting good health by using one if not many of our resistance bands products for your physical therapy and strength training.