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Resistance bands are used for many different workout exercises from yoga to muscle building and much more.

The lightweight design of resistance bands is a great benefit for many people. To display different levels of resistance, the bands are often color coded. Buyers can find bands set up with handles, loop bands. A resistance band is lightweight, user-friendly and people will be able to carry it easily. Is your goal for a muscle band, exercise band, strength bands, Yoga or Pilate’s band? I will help you discover the benefits of using a resistance band.

Types of Resistance Bands:

Lateral Resistance Band: This band is recommended for lower body with this resistance band, you will see Velcro ankle cuffs linked to the device.

Therapy Band: It is recommended to use for rehabilitation. This is a band without any handles.

Ring Resistance Band: People use this band for lower body. It is a circular band displaying 2 soft handles.

Compact Resistance Band: This band can be used for both lower and upper body. The band also comes with plastic handles linked to the end of the device.

Figure 8 Band: The upper body will benefit greatly when using this band. This is also a short band in the shape of an eight carrying 2 handles.

Fit Loop Band: For People who need to develop their lower body, the fit I loop band will deliver an amazing result. This is a regularly flat loop band to use for your lower body needs.

Benefits of using Resistance Bands during a Workout:

  • Adaptable for several Fitness levels:

Resistance bands are great for both veteran professionals and a newbie. These bands can be found in a plethora of resistance which include heavy, medium and light. There is every possibility for users to adjust the intensity of their resistance band exercises. This can be done by simply giving your band more slacks. To increase the challenge, you can as well make use of several bands at the same time.

  • Effective Workout Results:

One amazing thing about these bands is that they are simple. It is also important to know that resistance bands are effective at building muscles, with resistance band training, you will be able to boost a range of motion, flexibility, and stamina.

  • Incredibly cost-Effective:

In most cases you will find a resistance band for less than twenty dollars. This implies that resistance bands are incredibly inexpensive. If you are looking for one of the most productive ways to building your muscle at an affordable cost, then give resistance bands a try. Buying a resistance band will not make you break the bank.

  • Resistance Bands Can Work with Other Devices.

One great feature of a resistance band is its versatility and flexibility. In fact, using resistance bands with other equipment will not cause any problem. This means that you will benefit out of two Workouts at the same time when using a resistance band.

  • Resistance Bands Are Used With Familiar Workouts:

Using familiar strength training exercise along with a resistance band is a great way to use resistance bands. This implies that users will not have to learn any new routines. For example, a resistance band can be used to bolster the intensity of your push-ups or replace the weights you make use for biceps curls.

  • Easy to use Alone:

Lifting heavy weights without the assistance of a spot partner can lead to a severe injury. For this reason, if you are planning to perform heavy duty Workouts, it is a good idea to have someone available for support however with a resistance band you do not need the support or assistance of a buddy. With these bands, you can be able to perform your exercise on the road, at home, hotel or anywhere you have the space. The lightweight feature of these bands make workout training possible anywhere.

  • Whole Body Workouts:

With resistance bands, you will be able to improve your

workouts, irrespective of the challenges that your muscle encounter while training, resistance bands can help to provide the best result. If you looking for the best technique and tool to building your whole body, then give a resistance band a try.

  • Variety Is The Spice Of Life With Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands can help to add variety to your daily routine workouts. It is a great tool that can help your muscles easily adapt to movements. The primary key to the challenges of building your muscles is by adding variety to workouts.

  • Great For traveling:

Resistance bands are easily portable and lightweight. When taking a trip or away on business, you can easily keep a resistance bands in your suitcase. You can get an amazing workout training with resistance bands in your hotel room.

  • Save On Your Storage Space:

It does not require anything to store resistance bands at home or in your office. Even if your home has very little space you can still use a resistance bands without any problems. After completing your exercise, simply pack the resistance band and position in a drawer for the next workout.

  • Injury Prevention And Stabilization:

It is important to maintain control and stability when training with a resistance band. This is because completing an entire range of motion requires stability and energy. You will have to build up your energy by using a resistance band properly. When bringing the resistance band to its original start point, try to maintain the tension as well, this type of workout will help to bolster your overall strength and stamina. With resistance bands, you will also be able to prevent future injuries during workouts. Resistance bands are joint-friendly and provide low-impact, which remains a great benefit for using them. Even for a rehabilitation program, a resistance band will always provide you the best result.

  • Versatility:

This is not to mention that resistance bands should take the position of traditional weights or dumbbells. Nevertheless, resistance bands remain amazing equipment that can be used for a plethora of situations and settings. A resistance band can be included or used in a gamut of strength training exercises. This will help to provide your muscles a variety of angles and tensions. At several fitness levels, a resistance band can work for you effectively. The versatility of a resistance band is next to none if you are looking to get a good result while training.

  • Adjustable:

Adjusting a resistance band is not a difficult task. This is because resistance bands are designed with simple features and components. This means that the user will not have to move a bunch of weights or get up to make the workout difficult but by simply adjusting the slack of the band, you can modify intensity or buy a couple of tension strengths. In a nutshell, resistance bands are easy to adjust in helping you achieve your goal. It does not take a couple of minutes to adjust a resistance band.

  • Portable:

Portability is a great feature of a top-notch workout device. With a resistance band, you can perform your workout anywhere and any place. Users can move freely from one location to another and still have a great workout using a resistance band. Training with resistance bands will help you enjoy its portability feature and comfort of carrying the equipment around. Users can pack this equipment in a small suitcase and travel. Resistance bands are affordable and lightweight.

  • Appealing:

Resistance bands are appealing. This is one of the best reasons why you need to buy a resistance band today. Since, resistance bands are not imposing like heavy weights, they can be appealing to many people. In fact, the user does not require a lot of experience to use a resistance band. Resistance bands are beautifully designed to satisfy your workout need. If you are looking for workout equipment that can captivate your attention at first glance, a resistance band remains a great choice.

Exercises That You Can Perform with Resistance Bands:

Overhead triceps Extension:

Sit on a bench or chair. Beneath your gluteus, ensure to place the band in the middle of a tube. In each of your hand, ensure to grab a handle.  Go ahead to strengthen your arms up and bend the elbows. This will make your hands positioned behind the neck. Press your arms straight up with palms facing toward the ceiling. At this juncture, you will have to lower your back and repeat the process again prior to changing sides.


At shoulder width distance, go ahead to stand with your feet. With both hands try to hold the handles of your resistance band. Go ahead to stretch your hands until it gets to the shoulder level. Ensure that your hands are not moving when performing a squat. Slowly perform the exercise and try to stand back with repeating the process, time and again.

Overhead Press:

With feet shoulder-width apart, try to stand in the middle of a tube band. While positioning your hands at shoulder level try to grip each handle. During the process, ensure that your palms are facing each other and the thumbs should contact the shoulders. Ensure that your palms are rotating while pressing straight up and extend the arms. Repeat the process after lowering your back down.

Bent over Rows:

On the resistance band, try to position your right or left foot in the perfect place. Ensure that one of your feet is maintained at the back. At forty-five-degree angle position, gently bend forward. The band should be gently pulled to your waist level while maintaining your elbow. While squeezing your shoulders, proceed with the growing movement. Use the other foot and complete the same process from the start.

Vertical Chest Press:

Your resistance band should be attached to a bench or chair. While your back is facing the bench try to stand on the resistance band. Use your hands to hold both ends of the resistance band and slowly move the arms bent backward. The procedure should be repeated after positioning your hands back to the original level.

 Biceps Curl:

Use your hands to hold both ends of the resistance band after positioning properly. Towards your Shoulders, you can gently curl up your hands. Both elbows should be properly bent backward when performing this exercise. Before moving to the starting point and repeating the process, ensure to maintain the position for a few minutes.

Horizontal Chest Press:

Ensure that your back is positioned on the resistance band and hold it with both hands. Your Right or left hand should be gently lifted up toward the ceiling. Bring your hands down gently and repeat the process again.


When using resistance bands, workout bands, exercise bands, strength bands or therapy bands, it is important to know how to use the equipment to prevent any future injury. Resistance bands are designed to provide the user a plethora of benefits. From flexibility to affordability and stability, a resistance band remains top-notch equipment that can help improve your daily workout routine. You can give it a try now and see how a resistance band help to build your muscles and the whole body.